Urologists in Europe have been using the same technology commonly seen in treatment for heart disease and kidney stones to treat patients with erectile dysfunction with great success. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) treatments have been around for decades but only been used for ED for the last decade. After dozens of studies including a wide range of patient histories, doctors have had enormous success with this new treatment.

Using high frequency, low intensity acoustic sound waves to stimulate neovascularization to the tissues of the penis has shown remarkable results in 90% of patients in trials. By restoring damaged nerves, creating growth of new blood vessels and removing plaque buildup, proper sexual function can be restored in many patients that have suffered for years. With ESWT you are no longer just treating the physical symptoms of ED, but actually treating the underlying causes.

Millions of men around the world suffer from erectile dysfunction on some level and have had limited treatment options up until now. Complicated surgeries, painful injections and medications with dangerous side effects have been the only alternatives available in the past. ESWT offers patients a new treatment with no surgery, no medication, no anesthetic and no downtime with just a 20 minute in office session.

Patients have been reporting immediate results after only one session with ESWT. Urologists suggest that the average patient undergo anywhere from 5-10 treatments for the best results, but many can feel a difference right away. After full treatment patients have had a fully restored sexual function for up to 2 years without additional sessions which is far above the results of any of the other treatment alternatives.

Because of the immediate stimulation to the blood vessels, patients can see the results of improved blood flow to the penis sometimes within minutes of treatment. With little to no downtime, erections and intercourse are actually encouraged by doctors. The process is pain free and requires no sedatives during the procedure.

There have been over 40 studies conducted in the past decade as to the effectiveness of ESWT on men from varied medical backgrounds. In most cases the most common benefits, even after only one treatment include:

  • Improved performance and endurance
  • Increase sensations
  • Enhanced stronger erections
  • Better orgasms
  • More spontaneous erections
  • Decreased downtime after intercourse

ESWT treatments are now available in the U.S. to patients of all age ranges and medical histories. Studies have shown that 75% of men formally using medications for ED have been able to give up their prescriptions entirely. Men with Diabetes or who have not been responsive to pharmaceutical treatments have had great success with ESWT. One in two Diabetics have seen excellent results with no adverse effects caused by their Diabetes regimens.

If you have had limited or no success with other ED treatment options, it’s time to talk to your Urologist about ESWT treatments and if they are right for you. Depending on your individual medical issues and your past treatment history, ESWT may be the most promising long-term solution for you.

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