There are millions of men and women who are struggling with the battle of losing their hair. Whether you are going bald or your hair is just starting to thin, it can be a major issue for most people. With so many options including surgery, creams and shampoos on the market it can be tough to know what is the right choice.

What if there was a non-surgical treatment that is suitable for nearly all cases of lost hair with no side effects and remarkable results? Look no further, the PRP Hair Restoration Therapy is here to help you! A non-invasive treatment using the latest stem cell technology is now available for men and women looking for a permanent solution to baldness.

What is PRP Restoration Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma Restoration Therapy (PRP Therapy) is a new and revolutionary form of therapy designed to reverse the aging process in both men and women. It consists of taking whole blood samples from a patient and concentrating a specific portion of the blood to be injected into targeted tissue planes within the body.

How It Works

The concentrated growth factors and trauma created by the injection creates a stimulus cascade for inflammation and repair to take place, which results in cellular proliferation and the growth of new vascular tissue.  In the case of hair loss, this helps to increase blood flow and nutrients to the area, which turns areas of the scalp into healthier, more viable tissue, optimal for hair growth. Here at New Dawn Rejuvenation, we offer affordable PRP services for those experiencing symptoms related to hair loss and sexual dysfunction.

How long would it take?

It depends. The length of therapy is different for each patient, depending on their aspirations and PRP prescription. For thinning hair, one treatment is usually sufficient, and takes about an hour. For patients who have patches of minimal growth, a therapy session of three treatments is recommended, with each treatment scheduled every 30 days. Typically patients then schedule a follow-up treatment in 6 - 12 months.

It will take 4 - 6 months to start seeing the significant results of the PRP Hair Restoration treatments. Imagine not having to worry about thinning hair ever again. The boost in confidence and the change in your look can be life changing!

Disclaimer: You may experience some pain and sensitivity following your PRP treatments. This should diminish in approximately 24 - 48 hours

One step away

With no harmful side effects, no hospital stay or invasive surgery and the availability of service to both men and women, starting a PRP treatment is an easy choice to make. Talk to our office today to schedule a consultation appointment and take charge of your hair loss issues today.

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