With the emergence of a new treatment for erectile dysfunction being available in the U.S., many men are wondering about the benefits and long term results of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) as a solution. Most patients have turned to the more popular ED medications like Cialis or Viagra for short term immediate results, or even injections and surgery.

For many of the 3 million men in the united Stated that suffer from some level of erectile difficulties, a treatment that serves long term results would be a welcome change. Medications can be risky and occasionally dangerous to some users, and surgery can be complicated with no guaranteed results. With ESWT treatments that have been in use for over a decade in Europe, the results in 90% of patient cases have been remarkably positive.

ESWT uses pulsing acoustical sound waves to regenerate blood vessel repair and growth while stimulating nerves and breaking up harmful plaque buildup in the arteries. While pharmaceutical solutions only treat the symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction, ESWT is forging ahead with actual tissue healing that can have long term effects.

There is no surgery, anethstetic or follow up medications needed for ESWT, and treatments can be delivered in a doctor’s office with nearly no down time directly following each application. The high frequency, low intensity sound waves are used on the localized penal tissues to stimulate proper circulation to the area and begin the process of neovascularization to repair damaged blood vessels.

Patients often report seeing positive results after only one application, however it has been recommended that a full course of 5-10 treatments be performed for optimal results in most men. While this therapy has shown to dramatically increase blood flow to the penis and allow for satisfactory erections, it is also repairing damaged and blocked tissues in the process. Therefore, instead of just treating the symptoms of ED with medications that can only be taken on the occasion of sexual activity, ESWT is actually healing the body of the physical issues associated with most cases of erectile difficulties.

In over 40 studies that have been done over the past two decades, patients have shown to have improved circulation, more satisfying and healthy sexual function and many have been able to go off of their medications completely after treatments. In many cases where a full treatment has been applied, patients have seen consistent results for up to 2 years without having to return for any further therapy.

Patients who have ED as a result of complications from disease, obesity, injury or high blood pressure can now choose ESWT as a safe and medication free alternative for effective, long term treatment. There is no surgery required and no side effects with this treatment that can be used by men suffering from all ranges of erectile dysfunction.

Even patients who have Diabetes or have not previously been responsive to pharmaceutical treatments have found success with ESWT. Because this therapy targets that actual tissues that are affected, there is no risk of medicine interactions or negative effects to other medical issues the patient may have.

Men of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to visit their Urologists office to find out more and discuss whether they may be a candidate for ESWT treatment.

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